Asset Management

Southern Sky Asset Management Limited was created by Southern Sky to deliver technical monitoring services for aviation assets.

Southern Sky Asset Management was established in 2009 in order to meet with the growing needs of Southern Sky's clients and has been expanding ever since. Southern Sky Asset Management is currently responsible for monitoring a fleet of over 500 aircraft on behalf of banks and other finance providers.

The company's objectives are to support lenders with the protection of their asset's condition and furthermore, its value. Southern Sky Asset Management provides integrated services to clients around the world, across a variety of aircraft types.

Southern Sky Asset Management specialises in providing personalised, flexible solutions to meet with the client's requirements and with minimal impact on the ongoing utilisation of the asset. We aim to highlight current or potential issues that may lead to fluctuations in the asset's value.

By tailoring our services to our client's exacting needs, we aim to become an integral part of asset management departments within corporations around the world.

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